Play Each Quarter

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Play Each Quarter

Day One – First Quarter – Show Up

It's football season, and I am reminded that the coaches have been working the players hard this summer to get them ready for a long season.  A player will need stamina and passion and determination to finish well.  Not only is this true in a season, but it is true with the flow of a typical game. 

There are four quarters, and needless to say most games are won or lost in the fourth quarter. If your life were segmented into quarters, where would you place yourself? First quarter (before age 22), second quarter (age 22- 44) third quarter (age 44 -64), or fourth quarter (over age 65). Learning to play the game of life and on God’s team requires that we give it our best effort in the quarter of life that we are living in. We don’t wait for later in the game. The first quarter of life is only the start of the game and you can come back or lose the game later. It is simply a warm-up for the rest of our life. But it is important.

There is a common rule that needs to be applied for all our four quarters of life if we want a winning life. The rule is: Show up – Step up – Look up – Play up. This week we will look at those rules for each quarter of life that you are in. Just remember, the first thing we must do in all quarters is show up, meaning we say to God, “Here I am. I’m ready to play. What do you want of me.”

No matter the quarter of life you are in, it is imperative that you seize the moment which is before you, and do your best for your King, no matter how good or ruthless your opponent in front of you is. How do you find and give your best effort during this time of life? Tune in tomorrow.