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Pharaoh had ordered the genocide of all Hebrew baby boys. A couple from the Israelite priesthood tribe of Levi managed to miraculously keep their pregnancy and birth a secret. They were able to hide him from the authorities for the first three months. Imagine the stress and fear these new parents must have endured where even their child crying could mean a death sentence.

Whether Moses’ mother knew it or not, she was about to take part in a divinely inspired plan by placing her child into the very spot that had meant death for so many other male infants. She took her baby boy down to the Nile River, carefully set him in a basket she made of bulrushes, the same plant that lined the side of the river, and then covered the bottom of the basket with bitumen and pitch, creating a tiny camouflaged boat. She then set her infant watercraft with its precious cargo among some reeds at the riverbank.

As the baby boy’s older sister kept watch from a distance, it “just so happened” that soon Pharaoh’s own daughter came down to the Nile to bathe. She spotted the basket and sent a female servant to fetch it from the water. 

Watch today’s clip where Pharaoh’s daughter decides to adopt Moses, rather than turn him in to be executed. 

God’s hand of protection and favor over Moses as an infant started a pattern of miracles that would continue throughout his life. Saved from death, he was promoted to a position of prosperity living in Pharaoh’s house. His mother was allowed to help prepare him for God’s calling on his life. Only God could have orchestrated such incredible events in the face of such dire circumstances.

All of us can look back and see the places where God intervened and changed the course of our lives. Circumstances that make no logical, worldly sense can have perfect spiritual meaning when God is the Game Changer. We must take our personal history mixed with faith and constantly remind ourselves that He will be with us and continue to lead our path, just as He did Moses.

Is there a situation in your own life today that has created the same sort of desperation for an answer that Moses’ mother felt? What pro-active steps can you take to place your faith and current circumstances directly into God’s hands?