Ancora Kids See The Difference

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Through the roof!

Imagine you’ve gone to meet your favorite famous person. But there’s a huge crowd. How will you get to talk to them?

Read Mark, chapter 2, verses 1 to 12, if you haven’t already done so.

What do you think the people in this story felt like, when Jesus forgave and healed the man who could not walk. Draw some faces or look in a mirror and make a face to show the expression on the man’s face, before and after he met Jesus. How do you think Jesus would look? What about the teachers, who were not so happy about what was going on?

Look at verse 5 again: what does Jesus say?

Look at verse 7 again: what do some of the teachers say?

What does this tell you about Jesus?

Pray. Lie down on the floor, very still, on a rug or blanket if you have one. Tell Jesus about things you want him to forgive. Remember what Jesus said: “Your sins are forgiven.” Now get up, roll up your blanket if you had one, and praise God!

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