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The Life-Giving LeaderSample

The Life-Giving Leader

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The Legacy of Leadership

Life-giving leadership can change the game. It can change work environments almost instantly. It can change church culture. It should be the norm. 

The pursuit of life-giving leadership begins and ends with Jesus. We’re seeing a crisis of leadership today that won’t be addressed until Jesus followers step up and through their leadership bring life to others. Whether you serve as a leader on the staff of a church, work in education, lead a nonprofit organization, or head a for-profit corporation, it is essential that you see the importance of how you lead. The way you lead is mission-critical for great organizations, because as a leader, you represent something bigger than just yourself. 

Jesus gives us the best picture of how leaders should lead: leadership should focus on bringing life to others. Jesus brought life to people during His time on earth, and He continues to do so today. It only makes sense that leading and life-giving go hand in hand. 

Leaders, what if your greatest legacy was that people found life through your leadership? As you partner with God to become a life-giving leader, you must learn to lead from your truest self. You can give life to others only when it’s flowing from a place of authentic leadership. That requires you to be you. If you try to lead using the approach taken by someone else, the flow of life that comes from you will be blocked. 

Think of a leader whose leadership had the effect of taking life from you. I don’t mean your physical life but your inner vitality. I’m referring to the type of leader who drained your time, energy, and spiritual well-being. I don’t know anyone who would want to partner with such a leader. 

Let’s lead as if people’s lives depend on our leadership, because they do. Let’s pour life into others to build a life-giving legacy of leadership. There is no greater pursuit for our leadership than to seek first the kingdom and to lead from that posture. God will serve alongside you, and it will be the most fulfilling adventure of your life. People are worth your best. 

Do you believe others’ lives depend on good leadership? Why or why not?


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The Life-Giving Leader

Do you lead your church, your family, or your employees from who you want to be—or from who you really are? Life-giving leaders lead from their best selves so that they can bring out the best in others. Life-giving lea...


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