Tenth Avenue North - Cathedrals


I Need You, I Love You, I Want You

I suppose there are two different types of conversions.
I'm sure some theologians will argue with me on this point,
but I can't help but notice some people come to Jesus like Paul,
and some come like Peter.
Yes, there are many more people in the Bible we could use as
archetypes, but my point is some come in a flash of wonder
and blinding light, and others come like a slow, clumsy, meandering fool.

I was more like Peter than Paul.
Paul was Saul.
Name changed.
Eyes changed.
Mission changed.
Boom. Bang. Pow.
Next we see him, he's changing the world.

He walked on water.
He sank.
He defended with sword and fervor.
He denied.
He preached at Pentecost.
He was afraid of the religious leaders.

Now, that's a guy who sounds like me.
I feel like every step I take forward to Christ,
I'm always taking two steps back.
Sound familiar?
Take heart.

We need Him,
and when He meets our needs, we love Him.
Once we begin to love Him, we will want more of Him.
Or to say it another way.

How about you?
Do you know you need Him?
Do you actually love Him?
Now, have you gotten a taste of His sweetness,
and has it left you wanting more of Him?
I think those are good questions for all of us.
Are we part of the hillside thousands who merely heard His words,
or are we one of the burning hearts touched by His hands?
Saviour. Lord. Treasure.
I need you.
I love you.
I want you.
No one else can make us new.