Tenth Avenue North - Cathedrals


All the Earth is Holy Ground

Now that the veil has been torn,
I feel as though God is saying these same words to us.
Except now, with The Sacred inside us,
all the earth is holy ground.

There is no longer a fight between the secular and the sacred.
If the Spirit dwells in us, then whether it be at school or Starbucks,
we make the world sacred, just by walking through the door.
It's all sacred.
It's all holy.

Martin Luther once said,
"The milk maid has just as holy of a calling as the clergy."
Many theologians have since surmised that being a living temple of God is not necessarily about what we do, but why we do it. Whether a plumber or a rocket scientist, every leak we fix, or equation we solve, we do all unto the glory of God.
And perhaps the greatest call any of us will ever receive is to simply bring Jesus with us to our vocation.

The dreams we dream
and the goals we accomplish will come and go,
but we will always have His Spirit inside us.
We will always be His children.
We will always be His dwelling place.
We will always be on holy ground.