Through God’s Eyes: Opportunity Via Restoration

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Your Wedding

My daughter, my delight, you don’t need to compare yourself to one single person. There is a wedding coming, a wedding where you are dressed completely, by my love. You are surrounded by my love. You walk deeper in my love. You are the bride I have chosen. You are the one chosen to marry the Groom who has come and broken His body for you, broken his heart for you, broken His complete self. This is so you may be ushered into the kingdom where celebration—singing and rejoicing—over the wedding of you, the bride, and my Son, the groom, await.

Can you see Him waiting for you? Can you see Him loving you so much that He died for you? 

You, my daughter, are complete, in Me. You, my daughter, are the one who doesn’t need to look different and act different or have more or less to be chosen, by Me. You are the one I have chosen. You are the one I want. I can’t take my eyes off of you, my dearest.

So, you ask Me, how do I protect your heart? How do you live in this world, one of comparison and envy and slander and thievery? How do you protect yourself from comparison when that is the culture in which you live and the wedding is around the corner but not yet a date you can perceive? How do you await my coming again, my Son’s rescuing you again, in a world of tearing each other down and pain?

Oh, my dear, look to Me. The only way to protect yourself is to regularly look into my eyes, see Me looking at you, see Me desiring you, see Me writing your name upon my heart and feeling sorrow when you believe you are not good enough to be desired as much as her, or her, or him.

Look to Me, look to the choice of my Son, as He kept His gaze on me. He practiced looking on Me, listening for Me, being away with Me. He removed himself from the world while remaining in it, too. It is possible for you, to remain close to Me and observe this world and be my daughter who desires to join Me in loving this world, while not being eaten up by the evil of it, too. 

Practice coming away with Me. Practice looking for Me. Practice recognizing my voice. Practice looking at this world through my eyes and seeing yourself the way I see you, with a name, and a purpose and a mission and a beauty all your own. There is no one person, not one daughter of mine, like you. Come closer now. My arms are wide open.

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