Life Abundantly: 5 Days Of Healing Devotionals

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


“Things are good, but…” we’ve probably heard or said this before when asked how we’re doing. Worse, we’ve probably answered “Good” or “Fine” (or, if you’re grammatically correct, “Well”) when asked how we’re doing. Our situation, however, seems quite different. We’re lonely, we’re lost, our bank accounts are chaotic and our bodies are breaking down. Our hearts are saved and redeemed and adopted into the family of God; why doesn’t our situation reflect that? 

Jesus could never promise us the perfect life on an Earth thrown astray by sin and death, but he could promise us victory through Himself. When Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy our health or our hearts or our finances, he’s much less concerned about our bodies or our bank accounts as he is our peace, our hope, or our unity. Where Satan comes to take, Jesus comes to give and to give life to the full. Jesus laid his life down so we could live ours in a state of overflow.

So “Things are good, but…” is definitely not the state our lives should live in. Jesus wants to change that “But” to an “And”—and he brings abundance to our lives for the sake of relationship with us. The best way to take steps toward an abundant life is to start an honest conversation with God. Without trying to create “purpose” for your pain—no matter how big or small it may feel--lay it before the one who laid Himself down to take that pain. Open the part of yourself that’s lacking so that Jesus can fill it to overflowing with His power and hope.