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Does God have a plan?

Many people have smart phones that have different apps on them.  You can get up-to-date information on anything, anywhere, and it will just automatically pop up on your phone. It feels like every time I reach for my phone, I see another story about how the world is only getting worse. Illness, death, terrorism, crisis, pain, loss...it’s overwhelming.  Brokenness, by its very nature, tells us a story; it points us back to a time of wholeness.  What is God’s plan in the middle of all the brokenness?  

God created the world to be healthy and whole and to experience His love.  The relationship that mankind had with God was powerful and personal.  The plan started off well, but somewhere along the way, man believed a different story.  He believed a lie that his plans were better than God’s plan.  Through his disobedience, he introduced sin into the world.  Sin, by definition, is to do what you know is wrong or to not do what you know is right.  Sin is like a virus that infects us in three primary ways:  1. Sin is a virus in our relationship with God.  2. Sin is a virus in our relationship with other people.  3. Sin is a virus in our relationship with the world.  In many ways, Jesus is an “antivirus” to the infection we are experiencing.

Maybe you live in a world that is constantly breaking down.  The good news is that God does have a plan.  He wants to partner with His people to create a world that would truly know Him and experience His love.  Jesus is the antivirus and He partners with us to heal a broken world.


How has sin been like a virus in your life?

How might God use you to see healing take place in our world?