We The Fearless

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Know Whose You Are

When we accept Jesus we are given both identity and purpose. We are both ‘saved’ and ‘called’ according to His purpose and mission (2 Timothy 1:9).

Saved is our identity. Called is our purpose. Knowing our identity means we know who we are and whose we are. To be ‘saved’ means to be saved from eternal separation from God (a life focused on self), and saved into eternal relationship with God (a life focused on God). We are children of God, whom are loved, delighted in, forgiven, set apart, righteous and co-heirs with Christ.

Our purpose as co-heirs with Christ is to join with Him as co-labourers in the great co-mission to tell and show people the good news of God’s redemption story (through Jesus) and how it applies to them today. What an honour!

Knowing our identity is key to sharing our faith because our identity allows us to truly outwork our purpose. It is hard to help others understand who they are in Christ when we don’t truly know ourselves.

How is your relationship with Jesus? Do you fully know who and whose you are? As you continue to share your faith, why not journey deeper in understanding your true identity.

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