The Cost Of Following: Self Or Christ?

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Counting the Cost: Part Two

Consider the different titles that have been given to this passage in Luke.


    “Leaving All to Follow Christ”

     King James Version


    “The Cost of Discipleship”

     English Standard Bible and

     Revised Standard Version


    “The Cost of Following Jesus”

     Holman Christian Standard


    “Discipleship Tested”

     New American Standard


    “The Cost of Being a Disciple”

     New International Version

     New Living Translation


Each one of these titles in some way address the cost of following Jesus.

It takes time to calculate the cost of a project and determine whether or not you have what it takes to complete the project. Then once you have determined the price you must ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price or willing to take the risk of losing what you have invested if it doesn’t work.

So...what is the cost? What does it take for me to follow Jesus? In a word...everything. My days. My nights. My time. My money. My effort. My wants. My desires. My hopes.

My dreams. My goals. My perspective. My preferences. My schedule. My reactions.

My coping mechanisms. My bad habits. My sin. My very self. My everything. Each moment. Everyday. Day after day. As long as I live.

Following Jesus does cost us everything. We must be willing to lay aside anything and everything that keeps us from being all His. We must be willing to do whatever the Lord asks of us, whenever He asks it, cheerfully following, trusting and resting in Him.


It will not be easy. We often don’t understand why God requires the things He requires of us or why He allows the things He allows. But God knows best. He is a Good Shepherd. We must trust Him and follow Him. If we will do so, there will be grace to light our way.


Lord Jesus, I need you. I cannot do this on my own. I thank that yYou know me and yet you love me still. You know me. You know all of my sin, my weakness, my wrong thinking, my idolatry, my fears, my love of self, and my unbelief and yet you have still set your affection on me. You are a tender loving Shepherd, and I want to follow you. Please help me fix my eyes upon you and help me to trust that you will show me the way and give me the all grace I need to obey. 

In Jesus' name I pray,