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 God Thinks Generationally 

What if you could see into the future? What if you could see the impact simple daily decisions could make to your destiny? Would it shape your decisions or actions?

Ironically we all can see into the future somewhat and it’s not by looking forward, but by looking back. If we track our past we can often see our future; the patterns laid out by others before us, often repeat themselves in our lives until we make a change. 

You see, God thinks generationally. We see this throughout scripture through every genealogy, every reference to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, every time you read through the books of Kings or Samuel. What you will quite quickly see is that our decisions have a generational impact.

Consider the story in Mark that we are reading together today about the Rich young ruler. The gravity of the generational decision he made. Surely this man would have been known by name in the history books? Surely if he had been obedient to the call to lay down his life he would have been named among the heroes of the faith such as Matthew the tax collector who changed his direction, Luke the doctor or Peter the fisherman. Surely there was great calling over his life that would have impacted his family and generation. But he choose to say no instead of yes to change. 

Many of us have had authority figures in our lives that have made decisions that had a generational impact on us. Many of us have fallen into generational patterns that have led us to live lives that reflect the patterns of those who have gone before us. And the great tragedy is that for many of us we are teaching the generations coming after us to live with the same unhelpful and unhealthy attitudes, decisions and behaviors because we are yet to make a change. 

Take a few moments to think about your own life and consider the following questions: 

What are the unhealthy patterns you see on repeat in your own life? 

Do you see any negative impact from previous generations on your life today? If so, write them down. Begin to articulate the things that you want to see Jesus change in your life.