Understanding Financial Stewardship

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What Is Your Net Worth?

Net worth is a concept most people understand solely in terms of finance—it refers to the numerical figure remaining after your debts have been subtracted from your assets. Ideally, the amount is a positive number, not a negative one. The larger the number, the richer you’re thought to be from a human perspective.

But from God’s perspective, net worth is quite different. He sees the whole of your life when He views your prosperity. He doesn’t divide your life into segments and evaluate you according to some kind of average of strengths and weaknesses. God looks instead at His immeasurable love for you and the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross. In that light, you’re beyond any measurement that might be associated with value (John 3:16).

Once you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior and have received God’s forgiveness for your sins, you’re fully vested in God’s total prosperity plan. You qualify fully for His promises related to prosperity and blessing. That isn’t the case for non-believers. People who’ve not accepted Christ simply cannot experience full blessing—according to God’s definition of blessing—primarily because being prosperous includes prosperity in the spiritual life.

Moving forward, there are two key concepts we must understand:

1. Prosperity relates to your entire life. A person can be rich and still not be prosperous. When you think of blessing and prosperity, you must think in terms of life’s whole—a harmony that has spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and relational dimensions.

2. Prosperity is God’s plan for every believer. God’s greatest desire is that you be a whole person. He desires to bless you and cause you to grow in every area of your life in a balanced and fruitful way as you fulfill His destiny on earth.

God wants you to prosper … and His plan for you goes far beyond mere financial security because He inhabits your entire life. He wants you to flourish in all areas, not just monetary ones.