Developing A Godly Relationship With Money

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Why Money

The title for this devotional will pose a problem to many. Money is such a controversial topic. Having God and money in one sentence is unacceptable to most people. While all of us interact with money on a daily basis, very few people have a good relationship with it. 

The subject of money conjures negative feelings to most people. Feelings of fear due to lack of money, or of guilt because of having too much are common. Those that have no money are plagued by a fear of not having, and those that have much usually suffer from feelings of guilt. Few people have a normal relationship with money, one that does not depend on the amount, but on its usage.

Before you can truly feel comfortable with money, and happy with it, you need to have a healthy relationship with it. The most common quote about money is that “money cannot buy happiness”. Well, it depends on what makes someone happy. If eating a good meal at a great restaurant makes one happy, then money can facilitate that. So, to say money cannot buy happiness depends on what makes one happy and what you use it for. If you use it for things that make you happy, then it can buy happiness.

Therefore, because money can facilitate a lot of what we do as humans, I want to submit it to you that money is important, and a good and healthy relationship with it is necessary. The reason most people have a bad relationship with money is that they live in denial, and others fail to look at money for what it is and what it is meant to do. Money is such an important part of our existence, you do yourself a big disservice not to grow in your understanding of it.