The Major Prophets

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This great prophet to the southern kingdom of Judah blazed onto the scene to describe the condition of this kingdom that was going down spiritually and headed toward disaster. He calls on the people to repent and get right with God, telling them that though their sins were like scarlet, they could be as white as snow.

The classic passage in this book is chapter 6, Isaiah’s official call to his prophetic task, when he saw the Lord in all of His majestic holiness. That call came in a bad year, when good King Uzziah died. That meant Judah’s human hope to set things right was gone, but Isaiah learned that even in times like that the Lord was still on His throne and still in control.  

Isaiah is a long book because it deals with two great sweeps of time—the days in which the prophet lived and the time yet to come when the Messiah returns and establishes His kingdom of righteousness. 

That’s why Isaiah 53 is such a precious chapter, telling us of the Messiah, the Suffering Servant, who would bear our sins and someday rule as King. The message of Isaiah to us today is to adjust the way we live so that when the King returns, we can enter into the kingdom full speed ahead because we have prepared ourselves for it by living according to God’s righteous standards.

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