What The Bible Says About Faith

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The Characteristics of Faith

Romans 4:16  Father of us all: Only those who have the faith of Abraham are the spiritual seed of Abraham, whether Jew or Gentile.

Romans 4:17–22  There are five essential characteristics of faith. 

(1) Faith must have a valid content. Paul quotes Genesis 17:5; the content of Abraham’s faith was valid because that content was the revelation of God (verse 17a). 

(2) Faith must have a valid object. The object of Abraham’s faith was God, the giver of the revelation (verse 17b). 

(3) Faith is contrary to hope and yet rests upon hope. This is a hope in which there is no element of uncertainty (verse 18a). 

(4) Faith has a purpose. The purpose of Abraham’s faith was that he might become the father of many nations, realizing the promises given him in the Abrahamic covenant (compare Genesis 12:1–3; verse 18b). 

(5) Faith produces works. Abraham’s faith conditioned the way he lived. He staggered not at (did not doubt) God’s promises.

Journal Prompt: How does this change your views on the Faith?

Drawn from The King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition published by Thomas Nelson Bibles https://www.amazon.com/thomasnelsonstudybibles