Defining Moments

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Think about a big moment in history, whether it’s a tragedy like the sudden death of a beloved national leader, a joyful event like the end of a long war or an unprecedented global event like the 1980 US hockey team defeating the unstoppable Russian team. These are moments that could be called defining moments in the life of a person, culture, or a nation. A defining moment is a moment in time when the true character of a person is revealed. For the United States in 1980, the drive of the US hockey team and their hard work lead to an unexpected win over the unstoppable juggernaut that had only lost one game in 16 years. The defining moment of their lives was made possible because their true character, a drive to win, came out because of the habits they had formed in practice. They practiced harder, watched more game footage, and skated until they could barely stand so that when their defining moment came to them they would have a chance to win! When Jesus was tempted in the desert by Satan it was his knowledge of Scripture that he quoted that enabled him to fend off the temptations Satan threw at Him. Our life in Christ is much the same when we face defining moments—only the habits we have formed in our daily quiet time with Jesus, time spent in consistent prayer, time spent seeking God’s will for our lives, will help us succeed and leave a positive mark on our world. Throughout this study, we will look at three people who faced their defining moments firm in their faith and see the good they did for God’s kingdom in the face of trials they faced.

Reflection Questions:

-Who is someone in your life who faced a defining moment in their life and how did they respond to that choice?

-Think through how you use your time. How can you create space to form habits that will help you make the most God-honoring decision in your defining moment?