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The Meaning of Our Work is Our Choice

In Genesis 37:5-7 and 9, Joseph had dreams of a great calling God put on his life. He dreamt he would be in a position of power so that even his own family members would bow down to him. His brothers became jealous and wanted to get rid of their younger brother. When they were far from home and Joseph came out alone to check up on them, they grabbed the opportunity and sold him into slavery. You could say, Joseph experienced a major detour.

Joseph was forced to work as a slave in a foreign land where the people had no regard for God, but they couldn’t take away his freedom to choose his attitude toward his work. Joseph didn’t let his role define him. Although his boss was Potiphar, Joseph chose to serve God and do his work with excellence. As a result, God gave Joseph success in everything he did, and Potiphar put Joseph in charge of everything he owned.

We all have dreams of the work we want to do. Perhaps the work you’re doing is a far cry from the dreams you’ve had. No matter what, we all choose – consciously or unconsciously – what our work means to us. The meaning we give our work determines the attitude we have about it, which affects the quality and excellence we bring to our work, and that affects how God can use us. 

We have the freedom to choose a positive meaning for our work. When we do, we are more likely to not only do our work well, but also allow others to see Christ in us. Ultimately, our identity is in Christ, not our work. Ask God to show you His meaning for your work in His kingdom.


Father God, help me to see my work through Your eyes today. Help me to remember that You use all work that I do with excellence out of my love for You to show Christ’s love to others. May those I work with see Christ in me today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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