Stop Going To Church


Disclaimer: We’re not telling anyone to cut ties with a local church that’s following Christ together. But, we do think it’s time to stop just going to church and to start being the Church instead. 

Reason No. 1 to stop going to church: Your schedule is full. You’re raising kids, making friends, trying to figure out marriage, work, health, and finances. Who has time to go one more place?

Reason No. 1 to start being the Church: We’re living life to the fullest. When we gather, whether in large groups in our buildings or in small groups in our homes, we regularly apply God’s life-changing truth to raising kids, loving our neighbors, marriage, work, health, and finances. Our schedules are too full to just go to church. We don’t just have full lives—we’re living our lives to the fullest. That means when we gather and when go out, we need to start living like church is not just a place we go, but the Church, Jesus’ Body, is who we are. 

Pray: God, how have I been just going to church instead of being the Church?

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