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Hands To The Heavens

There’s nothing I enjoy more than being together with the local church in worship. There’s something so special about the people of God coming together in unity, to lift high the name of Jesus! And though scripture tells us that Jesus is in our midst even when two or three of us gather in his name, there’s just something so awesome when we get to worship alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Psalm 134 invites us to worship God by lifting our hands towards the heavens. When we lift our hands in worship, it’s not so that everyone will see us or to draw attention to ourselves, but it’s actually an outward sign of an inward position of our hearts. When we lift our hands to the heavens, it’s a physical sign of surrender to our God, and an invitation for Him to come and have His way in our lives.

I want to encourage you, to surrender your hearts to God in this moment wherever you are, lift your hands towards the heavens, and invite Him to come have His way in your situation. Whatever you’re going through today, God wants to come in power in your life, and light a fire in your soul.