Challenge Accepted: Sacrifice

Challenge Accepted: Sacrifice

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Jesus said some really hard things in His ministry. We tend to dwell mostly on His teachings on love and His miracles and healings, which are all wonderful pieces of who He is. However, Jesus was not shy about calling us to lay down our lives…to give up and sacrifice our comfort and desires to pursue Him and His Kingdom. As we begin this week’s reading, let’s start right off with some of the most difficult and uncomfortable things Jesus had to say. And as you read this, remember the bigger picture – Jesus loves us and wants what is best for us. All of this is said in love as part of leading us to the abundant and full life He wants us to live. 

As you read today, ask yourself these two questions:

  • What verse stood out to me the most?

  • What can I do with that in my life today? 

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Challenge Accepted: Sacrifice

Jesus Himself told us again and again that a life lived for Him will have challenges, and that we will be called to willingly sacrifice. But could it be that these sacrifices are not arbitrary tests, but are actually one...

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