Gallery Of Faith - Jesus Is Greater Series #7

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Releasing Faith in Difficult Situations  

Thoughts on the Word

What does it take to have faith in difficult situations? We are about to read a history of men and women who demonstrated great faith.

These are the people before Abraham. Here are some thoughts that stand out to me.

-- by faith we believe that what we see comes from things we cannot see (this is really the definition of faith)

-- Abel's faith still speaks to us today.

-- Noah's faith was based on his fear of God (fear of God greater than fear of man, fear of failure, fear of shame and embarrassment, fear of insignificance)

For me? The one that touches me is letting my fear of God determine how I respond in tough situations.


Father, I want to remember that everything of value that I seek will come from what is unseen. So I must pray. I must listen to You more carefully. I must learn how to see with eyes of faith - much clearer than I do now. So help me I pray.

Father, help me to fear Your name/Your word above all else. When You speak things I cannot see - I must believe regardless of what I face. So strengthen my heart. In Jesus name, Amen.