He was there four days straight, there was no chance, the smell was bad, many were crying ... Lazarus was dead.

He had already accepted, could not reach the tank, would never be healed... The paralytic was hopeless.

She was worried, she was working on the preparations, she did not have time ... Martha was busy.

He was rich, everything was right, he had nothing else to do ... The rich young man was used to it.

In our life we ​​live like this: the routine comes, the hurt, a criticism, a thought, a feeling, friendships... and when we realize, we are far away, parked nowhere, we are accustomed to who we are. We get discouraged, we become empty.

While the paralytic thought he wouldn't be able to be healed because there was no one to help him get to the pool (John 5:1), Jesus went and said, "Get up! Take your litter and walk."

While Martha was preoccupied with the preparations (Lk 10:41), with the work, Jesus told her, "You are worried and troubled about many things; yet only one is necessary."

While the rich young man thought he was doing everything right (Mark 10:21), Jesus lovingly told him, "Go, sell all that you have ...".

While everyone said that Lazarus was dead (John 11:43), Jesus said, "Lazarus, come out!"

Jesus came to wake us up, He came to show what truly matters. He came to show that He is the one who brings healing, new life, teachings — all we need to do is listen, rise up and live as He guides us. Do not allow the routine or your thoughts let your soul fall asleep: listen, wake up, get up, go outside ... He's waiting for you.