Bound By Freedom


Submission to His Spirit

Our origin is not unlike the mud pile you walk by after a rain storm. Yet the skilful hand of the Master Craftsman shaped dirt into man and filled Adam’s lungs with the very breath of God. “And so man became a living creature.” This is not simply poetry or prose, but is in fact the first moments of the form made in the holy Image. We are built to bear His likeness and sustained by Him still; our sin is a rebellion against Him and a marring of the Image we are crafted to mirror.

To submit to our Maker is to believe His word, confess His name, and trust His goodness. To disobey is to spurn His testimony and blaspheme the truth of the Gospel. Submission to Jesus’ light and easy yoke is the work of faith, and it is here we find rest from striving against our Maker. “For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.”


Father, thank You for Your sustaining hand and breath that keeps me alive. Thank You for the Helper so I may love what You love, hate what You hate, and not strive against You. Strengthen me today to submit to Your light and easy yoke.