Hollywood Prayer Network On Comfort

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"You may readily judge whether you are a child of God or a hypocrite by seeing in what direction your soul turns in seasons of severe trial. The hypocrite flies to the world and finds a sort of comfort there. But the child of God runs to his Father and expects consolation only from the Lord's hand." Charles Spurgeon 

PRAY:  Dear Jesus, I come to You right now. I am weary and burdened and I need rest. I take Your yoke upon me and learn from You. Thank You that because You are gentle and humble in heart, that I can find rest in You for my soul. And I praise You that Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. I find comfort in Your promises to me. Thank You Jesus. Amen

REFLECT:  Reflect on the meaning of Jesus' yoke being easy and His burden being light. A yoke is a harness that an animal wears to be guided. Jesus tells us that we need to take His yoke, but that it is easy. He wants to train us, guide us and help us, but He says that it's a light burden. Can you trust Him to lead and guide you through each day, knowing that He will give you comfort and rest for your soul? That sounds pretty amazing!

ACT:  Make a list of all the burdens that you are carrying with you right now. Then give that list to the Lord, even reading them out loud to Him and ask Him to take them from you and to carry them Himself. Then thank Him for lifting your burden, taking away your weariness and giving you rest for your soul. You should feel comfort from Him in this exercise.