The Book Of Mysteries: Freed From Yourself

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DAY 1: The Lord of Eden  

We sat down in a desert valley. Between us was a thornbush. The teacher twisted off one of its branches and held it in front of his eyes.

“Thorns,” he said. “Think about it, a crown, a symbol of royalty and wealth…yet made not of gold, but thorns. Why?”

“I’ve always found it strange.”

“When man fell, the consequence of that fall was the curse; the ground would now bear thorns and thistles. Now when a crown is placed on a man’s head, he becomes king, and the weight of the kingdom rests upon him.”

“So when the crown was placed on the Messiah’s head, He became…”

“The King of Thorns, the King of the Curse. He will now bear the pain and tears of man.”

“But a crown also signifies authority,” I said. “One who reigns.”

“Yes, and thus by bearing the weight of the curse, He becomes king over it. King of the Broken, King of the Pierced and Wounded, and King of the Rejected. All who have fallen can come to Him and find redemption. For the One who wears the crown has authority over these things…to turn sorrow into joy, death into life, and thorns into blossoms.”

The Mission: Bring the wounds, the shame, the sorrows of your life to the King of Thorns, and commit them to His authority.