Infertility Encouragement from Sarah's Laughter


Sufficient Grace

Some days on the journey of infertility are easier than others. Some days you feel strong and are convinced that you’ll come through this trial stronger than ever. Tears are infrequent and you even find yourself encouraging another girl on the same journey.

Perhaps today is not that day. Today you fear you’ll crumble beneath the weight of an empty cradle. Throughout the frustration of even your hardest days, there is one powerful reality upon which you can rely: God’s amazing, all sufficient grace.

Whatever the specifics of your struggle, you can depend on the sufficiency of God’s grace to be enough for you. How amazing is grace! There is no struggle, no hardship, no holiday through which grace cannot sustain you. It is strong enough—real enough—to sustain you. It is made perfectly powerful in your weakness.

You may be thinking, “But I’m not a Super-Christian. I fail God way too much for Him to grant such grace to me. If you had heard how I’ve spoken to Him since I’ve dealt with infertility you’d understand.” Or perhaps you’ve not spoken to Him at all lately. You wonder if He’s finished with you, as well.

Friend, that’s the beauty of grace.

Grace is unmerited favor. If you had done anything to deserve it, it wouldn’t be grace. It’d be a paycheck. He knows you can’t earn His favor, so with a heart bursting with love for you, He grants His grace. Sufficient grace to get you through your first Mother’s Day without your twins, and what was supposed to be your due date. Strong enough to sustain you when your period starts again. Powerful enough to hold you together when you feel like you’ll fall apart because someone clueless said something innocent yet deeply hurtful. Enough to walk you through others' baby shower invitations and pregnancy announcements.

God’s amazing all-sufficient grace. Sufficient for your hardest days. Sufficient for you.