This Aching Earth


The Genesis

When the Word first broke the void and created everything out of nothing, the Triune God already had plans in mind. Nothing has deviated from His plan; the goodness of the beginning and the glory of Eden’s earliest days were but a glimpse of the goodness and glory to come. Before the Word gave light permission to shine, the Light of the World had already determined His steps to Golgotha. Jesus is the Lamb slain “before the foundations of the earth,” and this world and this age, for all our brokenness and betrayal of everything holy, are ordained to display something about His nature unique to intervening salvation. We are His, and His to save. Yes, “it was good” before sin stained the earth. The testimony of Scripture is this: He has something even better in store.


Jesus, You are the Word and You are the Truth. I believe Your goodness, and I trust in Your sovereignty. Thank You for the goodness You’ve made—this world, and even my own life, body, and mind. Give me eyes to see what You are doing.