More of Him, More Like Him (Part 1)

Desiring More of Him

1. What do you think did Jesus mean by the word “righteousness” from these passages:
Matthew 5:10
Matthew 5:20
Matthew 6:1
Matthew 6:33
Put the ideas together and come up with what Jesus meant by the word.

2. In a day and age when instant food is easily accessible, what does “hunger” mean? Use Proverbs 16:26 to help you come up with an understanding of the word.
3. What is the promise given in the verse? With what will the hungry and thirsty be filled?

1. Read Isaiah 55:1-2. In the passage, Isaiah talks about spending money on what will not nourish and what does not satisfy. Name some “substitutes” that people pursue in this life that has no lasting value. Which of those do you B7tend to indulge in?

1. In the light of Mark 4:19-20, list at least 3 things you can do to cultivate hunger and thirst for righteousness in your own life.

2. Write a prayer to Jesus using Matthew 5:6 expressing your desire to grow in the area of hungering and thirsting after righteousness.