Praying Over Your Husband's Head

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I’ll (Bruce) never forget learning firsthand the amazing power of my wife’s prayers for me in the early days of our marriage. Back then, I misunderstood how to be the “head’ of our marriage with grace and kindness. A major decision had to be made and although Darlene did her best to share her wisdom and change my mind, I didn’t have ears to hear. 

After she saw I had my mind made up, she accepted the decision although she strongly disagreed. About a week later, I learned some new information that radically changed my mind. Over dinner I shared the fact that I had been wrong and had changed my mind. 

She smiled but didn’t say a word. I asked her why she was smiling.  She reluctantly revealed the reason. “Well, I knew your decision wasn’t the right one and was going to negatively affect us and our family but you just couldn’t see it.  I felt you would suffer in the future too.  So, I stopped arguing and just went over your head.” 

“Over my head?” I asked, kind of in shock.  She sensitively said, “Well, I couldn’t help you, so I went over your head directly to God and asked Him to change your mind for me.”  I shook my head in unbelief, threw my head back and laughed and laughed, and said, “Wow, what a great idea!  Thanks for doing that because I was definitely heading in the wrong direction and my decision would have been disastrous!” 

Then it hit me. “So…how many times have you gone over my head?”  

She smiled as only a wife can do and replied, “I’ll never tell! It’s something God seems to enjoy saying “yes” and I’m thrilled that He does!” 

“No kidding” I mumbled, feeling rather helpless….

In our conversations over the years, we have talked about this powerful prayer option available to all married women. One day she said rather openly, “I had to learn that sometimes God didn’t answer my prayer with a “yes” but wanted you to learn from your mistakes the hard way.  I came to realize that His answer was always the best one in the long-term for you and me. Sometimes, though, I had to suffer from your mistakes which was God’s plan for me as well.”  My goodness, did I ever marry a jewel. 

You, my friend, are also a jewel. A jewel who holds the power to influence your husband in ways beyond what you may have ever even realized. Yes, you have God’s ear. And His heart. Discover how much He cares as you learn to take everything to Him in prayer.

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