Finding I Am

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


What is that relationship, that insecurity, that hurt, that desire, that prayer you’ve brought to God countless times? It’s what makes you trust God the most, and in the not-so-spiritually-certain moments, it’s what makes you most suspicious of Him. If God is good, why isn’t He being good to you in answering this cry of your heart?

I’ve been there. 

There is a desperate cry within my heart that I’ve longed with every fiber of my being to see come to pass. Minutes have turned into days and weeks and years of learning to make some sort of spiritual peace. On my good days I stand assured, “It’s just not God’s timing yet.”

But on my less stellar days I crumble, afraid and hurt, “God, why? You know how much this ache in my heart steals a piece of too many of my smiles. Quite honestly, I’m tired of wondering if you’re withholding because I’m not good enough, capable enough, spiritual enough, trusting enough, or mature enough. I guess I’m really tired of hoping.”

This study is deeply personal to me. It’s not a kumbaya, let’s get together and just talk about the Bible enough to feel good about ourselves. This study is a lifeline, a way to get oxygen into the places of our hearts that have been starving to breathe and fully live. 

And I’m so glad you are here to study with me. To search God’s Word and seek Him as the source of our satisfaction. 

In this study we are going to briefly discuss the seven I AM statements of Jesus in the Gospel of John. I want the Word of God to come alive to you in this study—to reach the recesses of your heart because I truly believe that God’s Word to us is life. 

So, lean in with me, and let’s see what Jesus wants to say to us and how He wants to satisfy our hearts. 

God desires to be all you need and all you want. What’s the difference between the two from your perspective? What keeps Him from being all you want? 

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