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Warning #3: Falling Away From Jesus

Thoughts on the Word

This is a tough passage. It is hard to understand and the words are tough. It is an important passage though.

This is the third warning in the book of Hebrews - there are two more yet to come. This one comes after the writer telling the people - you have not grown up, you are still babies needing baby food. If you are not careful, all the truths you have been taught will be wasted. Instead of growing, you will reject these truths. The consequences are very great.

Always remember this - God will always forgive (the blood of Jesus can forgive every sin), but some things will prevent some people from coming back for forgiveness.

- Bitterness. God's truth never worked in our lives and you can become bitter and not come back.

- Lack of fruit. God's blessing on you never produces fruit - we look no different than we did before we met Jesus.

- Thorns and weeds. The water of God is used to produce wicked things. God will destroy this.

These people find it impossible to get back to God. It is not that God cannot forgive, they cannot find their way back to Him. Some have no desire to come back. Some have never really understood the change that God had for their lives and they see no reason to come back to Jesus. Unless something special happens in their lives, they will never come back.

What do we do? Pray. Be prepared to walk with them if they want back - they will need someone to help them. They need to see the forgiving heart of God. They need to see the holy heart of God. They need to see the change that the power of the Holy Spirit can do in their lives.


Father this is a tough passage. When God's word does not produce fruit in our lives - we become worse than unproductive soil, we produce weeds and thorns. We shame Your name and Your provision of forgiveness through Your blood. 

Father today I pray that Your words to me will release life and fruitfulness in me and all who read. Father help me also challenge others. Give me willing hands to bring others back who cannot get there without help. In Jesus' name, Amen.