Biblical Principles To Thrive In Entrepreneurship

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You must have passion

I used to be a passion skeptic. Meaning, I thought that as long as a business had the potential for making money, one could have the drive to make money without having passion for the business itself. 

However, that is very, very hard to do. I know; I have tried it. I have started businesses where everything looked good on paper, and I followed the proper procedures and guidelines to establish them. But at the end of the day, the business failed. Why? Because I had no passion for the business itself. 

Passion creates enjoyment for what you are doing and allows you to ride out the normal ups and downs in a business environment. 

Passion ensures your customers that you will be around for the long haul, and when they do business with you, you will put forth your best efforts in delivering your product or service. 

Passion is contagious, and your customers will catch it. 

God has placed a godly-passion in you for a particular business idea. Let's act on it today, passionately. 

Passion is the first principle to thrive in entrepreneurship. In the coming days of this devotional, we will be examining other principles to thriving from your God-given business idea.