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Driven Or Distracted? Sample

Driven Or Distracted?

DAY 1 OF 4

The Thin Line

I have never met anyone without the desire to succeed. If you truly think about it, you probably haven't either. Now, you may know someone who is distant from their goals because of where their distractions drove them. If you are not careful it could easily happen to you. 

Most times when distractions are talked about in relation to reaching our goals, purpose, or plans they are viewed negatively, and this is mostly true. However, it is worth noting that there can be distractions that look positive, but can be just as destructive in the end. 

Distractions can prevent you from fully reaching your goals if you let them. The problem is that a lot of us struggle to identify what distractions are because we have confused them for the drive behind which we hope to succeed. 

Understand that sometimes you won't initially know that something or someone is a distraction until you are already distrait. My prayer is that within the next couple of days you will see them for what they are before they make you into someone you were not destined to be. 


What are the negative distractions in your life? What are the positive ones? What can you do to ensure they are not preventing you from reaching your full potential? 

Day 2

About this Plan

Driven Or Distracted?

Are you driven or distracted? A dressed up distraction can point you in the opposite direction of your purpose if you are not careful. A distraction is a diversion of your dream. In this plan you will gain an understandi...


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