Foundational Stones Of Salvation - Jesus Is Greater Series #3

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Foundation Stone 1: Repentance From Dead Works

Thoughts on the Word

When you or I disobey God's commands we need to repent.  Repentance is defined as follows:

Turn around.

Turn to God. 

No turning back. 

It is a simple exercise, but difficult to do. It is a commitment to acknowledging our failures and turning to God who can release forgiveness. We need God's strength to keep doing what is right - so ask God for it. We may need help from one another to follow through. Ask for help - do not let shame or fear stop you. 

What are dead works? Anything that does not release life into us or the people we work with/ live with. These are things we do in our own strength – and not in the power of the Spirit.

These are things we do that come short of God’s standards – but we feel God should accept, (but He does not accept). These are things we do when we follow our own understanding – and not the Word of God.

Practice repentance. Know it. Be able to teach it to others.


Father this stone is one we need to touch every day. We face life and we fail so often. Still You help us get up, You forgive us and You strengthen us to keep doing what is right. Help us to stop the things that bring death to relationships, to hopes and dreams, to our joy in Your presence. Help us hold tight to things that produce life. Help us to do them every day- even if we do not feel like doing it. Help us with Your Spirit to live this way every day. In Jesus name, Amen.