Making Hard Choices: Share The Burden With God

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I Let You Choose

My daughter, I see you. I know where you’ve been. I know where you’re going. I know you are grown, and that you are afraid and you still feel a little girl inside. Do you know I call you to be free? Do you know it breaks My heart to see you in such pain? Do you know there is nowhere you can run where I can’t find you? Do you know that if you run, I will run with you, next to you? Do you know I love to never leave your side? 

I know it hurts, my love. I know there are places you wish you could just wish away. I know you are weary, and you are tired of trying so hard to be loved. I know you feel you don’t deserve it, My love, even though I tell you again and again. 

I know how words just don’t matter much—that words are only received by a heart open and soft and ready. I make you ready, child. I soften you and move you and do not neglect you. My heart burns for you; and My Son, with His blood pouring out, sacrificed His life so you could be free. 

And you are free, My love. It is a lie that you are not free. 

You can choose to remain enslaved by sin. You can choose to remain tied up by lies that tell you you are small and worth nothing. You can choose to live tired and forgotten and striving. 

This is not My plan for you. This is not living, child. This is dying. This is death. Living enslaved by lies and caring more about what anyone else thinks—anyone at all—more than what I think, more than what I tell you, is sin. It is believing a lie that enslaves you and keeps you separate from Me.

Daughter, do you feel separate from Me? Do I feel close? I am. I am close. I am here. I am with you. I am for you. 

I am the Father who runs towards you with open arms. I am the Father who holds His daughter and swings her around and lifts her high and gives her legs on which to stand. I am the Father who gives you a life where you rise. You stand tall. You stand tall when you know I love you and you are chosen and you don’t take your eyes off Me. 

Keep your eyes on Me, child. Just Me. I can silence the lies if you’ll let Me. I can quiet your heart if you want Me to. I can kiss your cheeks and show you how the sun shines on you. But I let you choose. 

I let you choose.

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