Partnering In The Body Of Christ For Unity In Mission

Partnering In The Body Of Christ For Unity In Mission

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Theological Education and Mission

Opening Prayer: 

Your written Word shows the close partnership between the work of evangelism and church planting (e.g. the Apostle Paul), and the work of nurturing churches (e.g. Timothy and Apollos). Both tasks are integrated in the Great Commission, where You describe disciple-making in terms of evangelism (before ‘baptizing them’) and ‘teaching them to obey all that [You] have commanded [the disciples].’ Theological education is part of Your mission beyond evangelism. Amen.


The mission of the Church on earth is to serve the mission of God, and the mission of theological education is to strengthen and accompany the mission of the Church. Theological education serves first to train those who lead the Church as pastor-teachers, equipping them to teach the truth of God’s Word with faithfulness, relevance, and clarity; and second, to equip all God’s people for the missional task of understanding and relevantly communicating God’s truth in every cultural context. Theological education engages in spiritual warfare, as ‘we demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.’

a. Those of us who lead churches and mission agencies need to acknowledge that theological education is intrinsically missional. Those of us who provide theological education need to ensure that it is intentionally missional, since its place within the academy is not an end in itself, but to serve the mission of the Church in the world. 

b. Theological education stands in partnership with all forms of missional engagement. We will encourage and support all who provide biblically-faithful theological education, formal and non-formal, at local, national, regional and international levels. 

c. We urge that institutions and programmes of theological education conduct a ‘missional audit’ of their curricula, structures and ethos, to ensure that they truly serve the needs and opportunities facing the Church in their cultures. 

Closing Prayer: 

We pray that all church planters and theological educators would place Your Bible at the centre of their partnership, not just in doctrinal statements but in practice. Evangelists must use Your Bible as the supreme source of the content and authority of their message. Theological educators must re-centre the study of the Bible as the core discipline in Christian theology, integrating and permeating all other fields of study and application. Above all, theological education must serve to equip your pastor-teachers for their prime responsibility of preaching and teaching the Bible. Amen.

Ask God to pour out His Spirit to stir us with a vision for Kingdom impact in every sphere of society.

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Partnering In The Body Of Christ For Unity In Mission

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