Do You Doubt God?

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 We doubt because we don’t have the means for the miracle to happen.

 We are humans and full of questions. We learned early on to cultivate a critical and rational mind. We study logic and problem solving in classrooms, however, the most difficult thing for us to understand is when something doesn’t make any sense to our logic. So we doubt. The Bible teaches us that to have faith is to believe in what we do not see. Faith is to fight against doubt. It means to be sure against what the rational leads to.

Believing in God makes no sense for many people. After all, you do not see Him. When we wait for a miracle or a promise and we can’t see any path to our victory, it’s difficult to believe because we don’t see a way out.

In this devotional we will see that we often doubt the acts of God in our lives when we begin to fail in the certainty of faith, opening up space for questions and insecurities.

To begin our study, let's think about Zechariah. He doubted he could be a father because he was old and so was his wife - even though an angel of the Lord announced this promise to him. Nothing made sense in that promise of God, nothing fulfilled the natural requirements of life.

Zechariah was mute until the birth of his son John. He missed the opportunity to enjoy the pregnancy of his long-awaited son. He missed unique moments because of his stubbornness. Zechariah had to be silent in order to learn to listen.

Even though he had doubted, this did not stop Zechariah from seeing the fulfillment of what God had determined. We need to learn that God, as Creator, doesn’t depend on what we think is possible to accomplish His deeds. He is God and is not restricted to our logic.