Solving Your Money Problems Bible Plan

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Break the Poverty Mindset

Money can be a HARD topic for many Christians to discuss openly and honestly. But it shouldn’t be. If Jesus thought it was important enough to talk about…then we should, TOO!

Unfortunately, a lot of “religious” people are offended when you even try to discuss the subject. They think money is EVIL!

Money is NOT the problem. It’s the LOVE of money that can get us into trouble! The EXTREME love of money temps people to do bad things and draws them away from God.

The money, itself, is neither GOOD nor BAD.  We could use it to do something illegal, or we could choose to use our money to:

· BUY FOOD for starving orphans in Africa!

· FUND SHELTERS for the homeless after an earthquake!

· Send DOCTORS and MEDICINE to Central America!

· RESCUE CHILDREN out of sex-trafficking!


We just have to make sure that we develop a RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with money. Christians can do a LOT of GOOD for a lot of people once we get out of debt and learn how to handle our finances wisely.