Bearing Witness To The Truth Of Christ In A Pluralistic, Globalized World

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Truth and the Arts in Mission

Opening Prayer: 

Our God, we are grateful for the gift of creativity because we bear your image. Art in its many forms is an integral part of what we do as humans and can reflect something of your beauty and truth. The arts constitute one important way in which we can speak the truth of your gospel. Drama, dance, story, music and visual image can be expressions both of the reality of our brokenness, and of the hope that is centred in the gospel that all things will be made new. Amen.


In the world of mission, the arts are an untapped resource. We actively encourage greater Christian involvement in the arts. 

We long to see the Church in all cultures energetically engaging the arts as a context for mission by: 

  1. Bringing the arts back into the life of the faith community as a valid and valuable component of our call to discipleship; 

  2. Supporting those with artistic gifts, especially sisters and brothers in Christ, so that they may flourish in their work; 

Closing Prayer: 

Lord, we pray for the church in all cultures to energetically engage the arts as a context for mission by letting the arts serve as an hospitable environment in which we can acknowledge and come to know the neighbour and the stranger and by respecting cultural differences and celebrating indigenous artistic expression. Amen.

Ask God to pour out his Spirit to stir us with a vision of the gospel for every person and family.