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Be Unafraid To Be You!Sample

Be Unafraid To Be You!

DAY 1 OF 7

The Case for Fake

Somewhere along the way, you decided not to share the real you with the world. You thought to yourself, It’s just easier this way. It spares my feelings. It cuts down on drama. And I don’t have to justify or defend myself. 

Maybe you think you’re not worth knowing, and rather than let your insecurities get all tangled up, you bailed on authentic living. Maybe fear of criticism and judgment got in the way. Maybe you have a long memory of times when you opened up and it didn’t go so well. Oh my gosh, I get it. Fake feels safer and easier. Yes, and amen.

But you know what just might be one of the most compelling reasons counterfeit living seems like a viable option? Shame. 

Shame keeps us from being authentic because it says who we are is not okay. Deep down, we believe the real us is unacceptable, so we present another version—one that looks less messy and more put together. Shame weaves its way into our self-worth, reminding us of all the times we put ourselves out there and didn’t measure up. Shame makes us remember moments when we’ve shared the depths of our heart and were met with ridicule or judgment. It sucks the life out of us. Shame makes a strong case for fake living.

Shame is real; it’s powerful, and it’s stolen so much, yet God is ready to remove it so you can live authentic. He wants to heal anything keeping you from being you. Your Father is ready to free you up to be who He created you to be, because He’s not for counterfeit living. His plan was never for you to live tucked away, hiding in your I’m not good enough feelings. God wants you to stand in His truth, living authentic and unwilling to conform to the world’s unreasonable standards.

It’s so human to be afraid of living authentic. It’s scary to unbelieve the messages shame has whispered into your soul. It takes real grit to be honest about who you are and what you think. It takes guts to stand up and speak out for what you believe. And it takes grace to navigate it all. But I want you to know it matters, and God sees every choice you make to be real in a world that glorifies the fake. He alone will be your shield, your victory, and your hope.


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Be Unafraid To Be You!

 We live in a world that says our best self isn’t good enough. Rather than being real, we embrace counterfeit living. We choose acceptability over authenticity, unable to find the grit and grace to shine our unique brand...


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