Discovery: Core Teachings of Jesus


Prayer: Talking With and Listening to God

Jesus taught His disciples that they should always pray. Prayer is talking with God and listening to God. When we pray, we are heard by God.

By following the Discovery Method below you can step into today’s Bible passage, hear God’s voice, and grow closer to Jesus.

Know the Story: Start by reading through the passage one time. Next, scan through the story from start to finish answering question 1 below. Then go through again answering question 2, and again for question 3.

1.  Who are the characters?

2.  What actions do the characters take?

3.  What details in the story seem significant?

Understand the Story: Go through the story again answering question 4 and then 5. If these are not described clearly in the story, imagine what they might have been based on their situation and the character’s choices.

4.  What are the emotions of each character?

5.  What are the motives of each character?

Discover the Truths: Now that we have a better understanding of the story, various truths and lessons will emerge.

6.  What does this story teach us about how we ought to think and act?

7.  What does this story teach us about loving God and about loving other people?

Apply the Truth: Now that you have discovered meaningful truths from the story, pray for guidance as you answer questions 8 and 9 below.

8.  Pick one truth that seems the most relevant or needed for your life currently.

9.  Consider practical ways that you can apply this truth to your life. (Are there changes you need to make to your thoughts, behaviors, or relationships?)


Take a moment to respond to the lessons in this passage through prayer. Commit to obeying the lessons you have learned, and ask God for grace to apply his Word to your life.

Don’t keep the life-giving truths of God’s word to yourself. Is there someone in your life with whom you could share this Bible story and the truths you discovered? Challenge yourself to share a discovery with at least one person this week.