GENERATION 31: Becoming The Bride That Changes The World


If you’ve ever stumbled upon any women’s bible study/conference/quote graphic/coffee mug at any given time, you’ve probably heard mention of Proverbs 31. Even if you aren’t a woman, you’ve probably been told to find a “Proverbs 31” one. This biblical pinnacle of womanhood has been dissected, preached, painted, and repackaged over and over again, and with good reason: A wife with the qualities described in its verses is selfless, kind, brave, strong, wise, and pursues excellence for the sake of her family and her husband. 

For thousands of years, Proverbs 31 has automatically been associated with earthly brides, but what if we read these verses through the eyes of our corporate Bridegroom, Jesus Christ? What if this Generation of the Bride of Christ took the initiative to become the kind of Bride her Bridegroom treasures and trusts?

Revelation speaks of a Bride who has “made herself ready” for the return of Jesus and the marriage supper of the Lamb. How is the Church today making herself ready to become the wife of noble character spoken of in Proverbs? What can you do to play a part in the ultimate union—Jesus and his Bride, the Church? Take time to meditate on these questions as you read today’s passages.