The God Of Unexpected Divine Appointments

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An Unexpected Change Of Plan Can Become A Divine Appointment

I'm sure you have made some good plans for your life. Most people do. But at times, plans get changed suddenly due to circumstances that intervene. God also brings change sometimes in His wisdom. Of course, nobody enjoys change, but if we could trust the Lord in the midst of change that may be uncomfortable, we may well see a Divine Appointment.

In Acts 8, Philip was in the middle of a revival at Samaria and a desert excursion was hardly on his mind. In Acts 10, Peter hadn't dreamed of ever going to a Gentile home to preach. God however changed their plans, and while Philip was able to teach the scriptures to a palace official from Ethiopia and ended up baptizing him, Peter saw a powerful revival in the Gentile home of Cornelius. Only eternity will reveal the full results of these changes that God ordained.


I was mentored by a wonderful man of faith, the founder pastor of our church, Rev. Colton Wickramaratne. In chapter 42 of his autobiography titled 'My Adventure in Faith', Pas. Colton tells of how he was scheduled to attend a function in a particular city while on a ministry tour of America. On his way, however, God impressed upon him three times to go for a meeting of a well-known preacher that was being advertised. While he couldn't understand the change of plan, he obeyed the voice of the Lord. Eventually, he found himself, (thanks to the help of a pastor friend at the event), on the stage of the well attended meeting. When it was nearing time for the sermon, his pastor friend came up to him and mentioned that the advertised preacher was unable to be at the meeting that night and whether Pas. Colton could preach the message to the large crowd that was present! 

The change of plan had turned into a Divine Appointment!


Has God changed some plans in your life? Trust Him to lead you to a Divine Appointment. 

To conclude this 4-day reading plan, here is a quote the Lord impressed upon my heart: “Any unexpected situation can be a Divine Appointment. Any Divine Appointment will bring Divine blessing”.