Raising World Changers In A Changing World By Kristen Welch

Raising World Changers In A Changing World By Kristen Welch

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Day One

The Joy of Giving

Scripture: Acts 20:35

If we polled parents across North America, most would probably say their number-one goal for their children is to be successful and happy. But sustainable joy is found in this truth: “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35 GNT). 

God has established eternity with rewards in mind. Perhaps the most powerful lesson we teach our children is that their unique places and positions in life are not for their convenience; they are for God’s glory.

This devotional will not offer quick fixes or easy answers in our unstable world. But if you’re hunting for deep-seated, unparalleled joy in your home that isn’t dependent on culture, class, or chaos, this week-long devotional is a good place to start.

Raising kids to be generous with their time, abilities, and even their small resources builds deep-rooted character. Isn’t our goal to establish in them an unshakable foundation that cannot be swayed in a shifting world? Character building through the filter of giving teaches our kids the beauty of sacrifice, the value of hard work, the peace in pursuing God’s glory, and the joy of putting others first. This is our purpose. This is what keeps us living and giving in a changing world. 

When our hands are busy serving others, we aren’t thinking about what we don’t have. Instead, we are reminded about what we do have. We were created for more than filling our time and our lives with more stuff and more space. We were created to give our lives away. 

What we choose to give is not as important as our motive for giving it. If we give with good and generous hearts we will give our best. And God honors that. We change the world when we change another person’s day, one small act at a time. And when we change the world for someone else, we change it for ourselves too.

I want to raise children who ask hard questions. I want my kids to press into who they are, what they have, and what they are supposed to do with what they’ve been given. Living with generosity unlocks a deep well of joy. This kind of joy isn’t touched by our circumstances or what we receive in life. This kind of joy comes from giving our lives away. 

When have you experienced joy through giving to others?


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Raising World Changers In A Changing World By Kristen Welch

We have a choice: we can let the world change us, or we can change the world. One of the most significant ways we can change the world is by teaching our children the power of kindness and modeling it in big and small wa...

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