Stormproof Men

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In the Midst of the Storm 

You know those comic strip bubbles that show what the characters are thinking? Imagine sitting in church one Sunday morning and suddenly above the head of every man in the service, a bubble appears. People can read all these different thoughts: 

  • I watch “adult” movies in the motel when I am away on business

  • I love looking at women, especially when I am at the beach 

  • I’m married, but I fantasize about what Sue looks like naked and in bed 

  • I access internet porn regularly

  • I masturbate every morning

  • I am having an affair 

It is a relief that people cannot actually see what we’re thinking. Men struggle with sexual purity, and Christians are no exception. In fact, most struggle with it on some level! Sometimes, sexual temptation feels like a storm too intense to resist. Chances are good you don’t need a narrative of this storm. In fact, I believe that either you or someone close to you is in the midst of the storm and you want some help. Otherwise, why start a plan about sexual purity? Before we jump in, let me ask you four crucial questions: 

(1) Do you want to experience purity?

(2) Is it possible to experience purity?

(3) What do you think God thinks of you? 

(4) If it is possible, how in the world do you experience purity?

The answer to the first question must come from your heart. No book, counseling, or program can make a person “want to” practice purity or any other biblical principle for that matter. Such tools might help motivate us to want it, or better understand the value of it, but they cannot provide the "want to." Do we want to live as God desires us to live, even in those times when our "want to" is weak? We need to start here. In some way, shape, or form, only if we “want to” will we have any hope of consistently “choosing to.” Granted, even if the answer is yes, the “want to” is sometimes derailed by other thoughts, but if the answer to, “Do you want to?” is "no" the rest of the story doesn’t matter much. 

So, should you abandon this plan if the “want to” is not there? Absolutely not! Our "want to" must flow from the heart, but perhaps reading what comes next will help change your heart as you see the value of honoring God and experiencing purity. It is fair to start the process because we "need to" but we need to be aware that without the “want to” long-term success may elude us.