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The Supremacy Of LoveSample

The Supremacy Of Love

DAY 1 OF 7

 A Fervent Love 

The word “deeply” is an athletic word. In its verb form, it means to stretch and reach out, to strain and exert to the utmost degree just like an athlete in a race. It has the idea of burning and boiling and being passionate about loving your brother or sister in Christ. A fervent love is far more than the human love of warm feelings and attraction. It is far more than sentimental and caring feelings for a person. We are to love others with the ultimate love, the love of fervency. And note: fervent love is to be put before all else. It is the most important duty of the believer. We are to strain every ounce of energy in our minds and hearts to love. This means that we love others even when they...

· hurt us

· persecute us

· oppose us

· ridicule us

· abuse us

· speak evil against us

· injure us

· mock us.

A most wonderful thing happens when we love each other with a fervent love: a multitude of sins is covered. What exactly does this mean? It means that when we love, we are not hating, reacting, or sinning. When we love, we are living with a forgiving spirit, which means we are forgiving others. So, when we love fervently, we are more likely to reach those who do evil toward us and, thereby, win them to Christ and to a life of love and ministry. 

Study Questions:

1. How would you define fervent love?

2. Is it difficult for you to love fervently? Why do you think that is?

3. What are examples of ways you can love somebody deeply? Fervently?

4. Think of somebody who is hard for you to love. Over the next couple weeks, or even months, intentionally seek that person out, however you see fit. Pray that you would love that person deeply and fervently, as Christ has called us to do.  

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Day 2

About this Plan

The Supremacy Of Love

Without question, what our world needs more than anything else is love. If people loved each other, really loved each other, there would be no more war, crime, abuse, injustice, poverty, hunger, homelessness, deprivation...


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