God Of Tomorrow

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Someone Greater Than Our Fears

You may have heard the phrase, “We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds tomorrow.” No matter what I read in the headlines, I want to live out the truth that God is still in control, has a plan, and is working out His plan in the midst of what’s happening today and what’s coming tomorrow.

Such faith in God does more than calm our fears. It helps us focus on the mission God has given us as His representatives in the world. After all, how we view tomorrow affects how we live today. In other words, we don’t have to be dragged into tomorrow kicking and screaming. If we trust that God holds tomorrow, we can better invest in society by engaging people, no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what they believe. 

Why emphasize relationships? Because relationships are where you and I live. Our relationships are the context of our lives. No matter how introverted or extroverted we might be, we’re still relational beings. God created us to relate to one another all the days of our lives. We should boldly and graciously engage and invest our faith in our relationships, regardless of whether we disagree with someone else on politics, ethics, or who should have won the award for best picture. 

I can guarantee you this: if the way we invest in the people around us improves, it won’t be long before we start changing the world, one relationship at a time. However, that will never happen if we allow fear to compromise the difference we could make. 

It’s time we turn our attention to something more powerful than our fears of tomorrow. We need a perspective that’s greater than any anxiety we may face. The good news for us is that there is something more powerful than the worst fears that linger in our heads. Actually, let me say that differently: there is someone greater than our worst fears, and that someone deserves the priority in our perspectives. 

God has tomorrow under control because He’s the wisest and most capable being in existence. He is fully loving, gracious, and merciful, and He is personally involved in the lives of His followers. His unequaled power has important ramifications not only for our lives but also for our interaction with society. 

How might your fears be keeping you from engaging with others?