The Curious Questions Of Jesus


Day 5: Who is a faithful and wise servant?

It is easy to think that there are two servants in Jesus' parable (Luke 12:35–48): the faithful one and the unfaithful one. However, it is actually one servant faced with two possible choices, with Jesus explaining the resulting consequences from each choice. That’s why He says, “But suppose the servant says to himself…” We get to choose our choices, but we don’t get to choose the consequences of our choices. It is never enough to simply recognize what God is asking of us; We have to follow through and actually do it. That is why Jesus says to the crowd, “You are blessed if you hear and practice the word of God” (Matthew 7:24). 

Service is at the very center of the nature of God. That’s why Jesus gives us the picture (see Luke 12:37) of a master who not only is interested in being served but wants to serve as well. 

God created you with unique gifts, abilities, and experiences. Today, you will have a chance to serve others in Jesus’ name. Make the most of that opportunity. Remember, it is a privilege, not a punishment. It’s not that you “have to,” it’s that you “get to” live out a purpose and life significance that you were uniquely created to do. 

A faithful servant recognizes and responds to God’s invitation for us to live for something greater than ourselves. The servant who is ready is the one getting on with the specific assignment the Master has entrusted to them. Take a look around with eyes of faith today. What is God inviting you to do to serve another person in the name of Jesus? Will you do it? God will reward you for all that you have done to serve His purposes in the lives of those around you (see Luke 12:43).

Prayer: Lord, thank You for giving me unique gifts and abilities to serve others. Give me eyes to see who I can serve today in Your name. As I do that, help me experience the joy of knowing that I serve because You first served me—by creating me, sustaining me, and by sending Jesus Christ to save me and teach me how to know You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.