The CLINIC – How To Rebound From Setbacks

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Have you had a setback, and are you worried about what to do next? Do you think of the future and wonder how you will manage? Does your current track lead you to a life of significance? If it does not, you desperately need a life plan. 

Winston Churchill said: “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” He was a master planner and history honors him for that. We, too, need to be master planners of our own lives. Otherwise, life happens TO us, and it happens AROUND us. 

Nothing in life that is done well is accomplished without planning. The Bible is a collection of champions who planned their successes ahead of time. Solomon had a plan for the temple. Noah had a plan for the ark. Joseph planned seven years in advance for the famine in Egypt. The Passover was part of the “leaving Egypt” plan. Plans were made for battle, for building the temple, for offering sacrifices. The coming of Christ was planned and prepared for generations…we see over and over in the Bible, the problem, the solution, and the resulting plan that was executed. 

Planning is achievable; the critical factor is you. You have to decide. You have to want to be more than you are today. You have to want to leave a legacy. You have to want responsible, respectful kids. You have to want a rewarding career. You have to want to make a difference in life. It’s never enough to just say it. Decide to plan. The way to do anything, to be anything, to achieve anything, has to start with a plan.

You are made in the image of God, and he did not make you just to drag yourself to work, to wait for Friday, to eat, to watch TV, and to grow old. He made you for a purpose. Get out there and find it. It’s never too late to make yourself a plan. Your life will never be the same. 

This video from the CLINIC asks, “What is your best advice to someone who is making a comeback or rebounding in life?”

Join Dr. Dave Martin today as he answers this question.